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BetterTaste Organics is a distributor of fresh INGLEWOOD FARMS Free Range Certified Organic Chickens.

INGLEWOOD FARMS certified organic chickens are fed on certified organic feed which contain no antibiotics or growth hormones.

INGLEWOOD FARMS certified organic chickens are raised naturally among the gentle valleys at the southern edge of the Darling Downs, between Warwick and Goondiwindi.

They are free to roam in fresh air and sunshine having access to as much organic grain as they desire.

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When Was The Last Time You Were Confused By A Chicken?

Conventional Chickens are raised in large purpose-built chicken sheds, with room to roam around and easy access to food and water. Conventional chickens are fed on wheat, grains, vegetable and animal protein, which contain NO hormones or Steroids. But, being inside all the time and under lights that regulate shorter day/night cycles, the chickens experience an unnatural growth pattern meaning they can be brought to market much faster. The average life span is 35-40 days.

Free Range Chickens are raised in open air barns, with access to paddocks and lots of natural sunlight. Free Range Chickens are fed on local grains, wheat, barley, Soya meals, peas, vitamins, vegetable oils and salt which contain NO hormones or steroids. Average life span is 45-50 days reflecting the more natural environment in which they are raised.

Certified Organic Chickens are also raised in open air barns with access to paddocks and natural sunlight. They enjoy all the advantages of their Free Range counterparts but with the added benefit of receiving Certified Organic feed – ie wheat, triticale, barley, soybeans, safflower, sunflower meals, crushed lime stone and salt which is grown in soil certified to contain NO fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The feed itself contains NO hormones or steroids. The chickens mature totally naturally over a life span averaging 55–60 days. Each chicken requires a Certification Stamp before it can be sold.

Don’t ever be confused by a chicken again!